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Crafting a Sustainable Food System: Veganism and Food Equity

The Peace Advocacy Network is excited to present the third panel in their Speaker Series, Crafting a Sustainable Food System: Veganism and Food Equity, moderated by Eloísa Trinidad, Executive Director at Chilis on Wheels.

This wonderful panel discussion features four diverse panelists who are using their unique talents to work towards food equity and sustainability, including JoAnne Kong (editor of Vegan Voices).

Your pay-what-you-can ticket donation (suggested $10) will help us reach our goal of saving over 7,500 animals in 2023.

Learn more about this event and register at Eventbrite:
https://www.eventbrite.com/e/crafting-a-sustainable-food-system-veganism-and-food-equity-tick ets-310028221757

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Z. Zane McNeill on the Thought About Food Podcast

Z. Zane McNeill, editor of Vegan Entanglements, was on the Thought About Food Podcast, where he discussed the book and what “carceral veganism” and “anti-carceral veganism” means and looks like.

Bonus: Zane also shared a recipe for Butternut Mac ‘n Cheez that his mom made early in his journey to being vegan!

Listen to the episode here, view show notes, and see what else the Thought About Food podcast has to offer.

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Avian Influenza in NYS (and beyond): What You Need To Know

The Institute For Animal Happiness presents critical education on how to protect not only the birds in our care, but also protect wildlife and people. This version of HPAI (“Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza”) spreads easily and has already appeared in NYS. It has spread to 12 states and many countries, leading to tragedy and heartbreak: extremely large populations of birds being killed.

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Join Compassion Consortium this Sunday Service.

Join Compassion Consortium for their Spiritual Service on February 27. Each service includes immersive spiritual practices—such as musical reflection, meditation, prayer, and loving-kindness—as well as spiritual conversation with a special guest.

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Humane Hoax Online Conference

This virtual conference will feature leading thinkers in the animal advocacy movement with a focus on the “humane hoax.” The conference will be on Saturday, February 26, and is free to attend.

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