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Our mission is to inform and inspire new generations of global citizens to create a healthy, compassionate, and resilient world for animals and humans alike.

We are driven by and committed to equity, diversity, nonviolence, and an expanded community of subjects. We publish books, develop content, and promote ideas supportive of veganism, animal rights, humane education, recovery, therapy, and spirituality.

We publish books for all wanting to live with greater depth and commitment to the preservation of the natural world. If you would like to support us, consider donating.

LPM is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and your donation is tax deductible. Please know that we are grateful for your support.


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LPM aims to educate, provide resources for, and amplify a new generation of citizens committed to finding solutions and collaboration. Our goal is to expand the definition of “humane” to one that nurtures, honors, and protects the web of life upon which all species, including our own, depend.

LPM was founded in 2020 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit to follow and expand on the legacy of Lantern Books—a publishing company co-founded by Gene Gollogly and Martin Rowe in 1999 on the principles of living with a greater depth and commitment to the preservation of the natural world. Our titles are also available as ebooks and audiobooks.




Brian Normoyle is the President and Publisher of Lantern Publishing & Media. Brian is responsible for editorial and project management, finances, sales, and organizational outreach. Brian has over twenty years of experience in the publishing industry with Oxford University Press, SAGE Publications, Condé Nast, and Pearson Education/Prentice Hall. He is also the co-founder and president of the board of IFAH and the co-producer of HVVF focusing on animal advocacy, education, and veganism.



Emily Lavieri-Scull is the Director of Publishing and Treasurer at Lantern Publishing & Media, where they handle book production and social media, as well as the office manager. They graduated from Vassar College in 2015 with a BA in Psychology. They are also the website coordinator and director for the Culture & Animals Foundation.

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Kristi Gholson is the Secretary of Lantern Publishing & Media. A long-time animal advocate and social justice activist, Kirsti is a singer-songwriter and musician. She is the director of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policy at Unovis Partners.

Christine Mott


Christine Mott is a commercial law attorney and animal protection advocate with over 15 years of experience leading legal and policy efforts to improve animal welfare, and a former Chair of the Animal Law Committee of the New York City Bar Association. She serves as outside general counsel to alt-protein and other ESG companies, providing commercial contracts and strategic opportunities. She also serves on the board of Kadem Sustainable Impact Corporation Unit (KSICU).

Our Team



Hanh Nguyen is Associate Editor at Lantern Publishing & Media. They graduated from Yale University with a degree in Sociology and got their start as a public speaker on animal rights issues before stumbling upon a career in editing. They are the author of Tongue-Tied: Breaking the Language Barrier to Animal Liberation.

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Pauline Lafosse is a Publishing Associate at Lantern Publishing & Media. She graduated from the MA in Publishing program at Pace University. Prior to her position at Lantern, she was an intern at Valiant Entertainment. She is a contributing author and photographer of The March: Bearing Witness to Hope and a Twitch Affiliate.



Luiza Guimaraes is the Publishing Associate Intern at Lantern Publishing & Media. She is a graduate student of the MA in Publishing program at Pace University. Prior to her position at Lantern, she worked with content marketing and PR for nonprofits, public, and private companies in Brazil, including the Symphony Orchestra of Parana and the Pequeno Principe Pediatric Hospital.



Megan Jones is a Publishing Associate at Lantern Publishing & Media. She graduated from the MA in Publishing program at Pace University. Prior to her position at Lantern, she was an intern at Sanctuary for Independent Media and Catholic Charities Diocese of Norwich.

Advisory Council

As Lantern continues to evolve and grow, we are pleased to announce the formation of an advisory council to support our publishing mission. Recently affirmed by our new board of directors, we are honored to introduce our inaugural council members:

Vegan advocate Dr. Joanne Kong has spoken extensively throughout the world, including talks at numerous universities and schools, conferences and VegFests. You may know Dr. Kong as editor and author of Vegan Voices: Essays by Inspiring Changemakers (2021), published by Lantern, and she also appears in the documentary, Eating Our Way to ExtinctionAs the director of accompaniment and chamber ensembles at the University of Richmond, VA, and a critically acclaimed concert pianist, Joanne incorporates the arts into her animal advocacy, evoking beauty and compassion. Her website is www.vegansmakeadifference.com.

Animal rights advocate Jeff Thomas is a doctoral candidate at Virginia Commonwealth University who has worked for several national animal rights organizations and state and local political campaigns. A longtime farm animal advocate, Jeff has keen insight in many areas and a can-do attitude. He is the author of two books on Virginia politics and a forthcoming book with Lantern, America’s Farm Animal Movement: Ending the World’s Worst Suffering (2024). Jeff is a graduate of the Duke University School of Engineering and Tulane University School of Public Health.


Thank you for your kind generosity. LPM is a 501(c)(3) organization and your donation is tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Please know that we are grateful for supporting our mission.