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Camila Perussello

Camila Perussello, Ph.D., is an extensively published Food Engineer with many years of postdoctoral experience. Her involvement with the animal liberation movement started decades ago when she first became vegetarian and later went vegan for ethical reasons. Dr. Perussello has worked as a food scientist in different parts of the globe, gathering evidence on animal food production’s ethical and sustainability issues. She is the recipient of research grants by Brazilian and European governments as well as funding for vegan outreach from California-based The Pollination Project. On the verge of such pressing matters as animal rights, the climate and ecological crises, animal-origin pandemics, diet-related illnesses, and food insecurity, Dr. Perussello defends a shift towards plant-based living. Her academic research and food-consulting services aim at accelerating the future of food. Learn more about her work at www.camilaperussello.com.

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