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How one dog helped end greyhound racing in Macau, and how he lived out his life free from the cruel sport

Brooklyn’s story should have ended quietly more than a decade earlier, when he was condemned to die at Macau’s notorious Canidrome dog racing track—a venue no dogs escaped in 80 years. In November 2011, Dorchak sent a letter to the Canidrome asking them to release Brooklyn and make him the first dog to leave the complex alive. It wouldn’t be until June 2018 that Brooklyn would leave his concrete cell.

Read about The Post Magazine‘s investigation and how Dorchak and Theil finally brought him home here.
This touching article, written by Simon Parry, includes photographs of Brooklyn and the Macau Canidrome, a detailed timeline of his life, and an interview with his family.

“Brooklyn tells us it is possible to end dog racing and save these dogs, and for change to come,” she says. “That’s what is sustaining me now. I miss him so much but he really taught us that if you stay focused and keep fighting, you can make a difference. That’s what I’m always going to remember.

“He ignited a movement worldwide. He inspired a world of activism and showed grass-roots people that change is possible and it’s not some pipe dream to fight multimillionaire track owners.”

The role of the Macau government and people in shutting down the Canidrome will also be looked back upon as a landmark in animal welfare, says Theil. “It’s not only a hopeful story for the movement to help greyhounds and animal advocacy generally worldwide – it is also an example for compassion and common sense for everyone. It is something the people and the government of Macau should be really proud of.”

Christine Dorchak and Carey Theil, for Post Magazine.

Read the full article here.

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