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Brooklyn, The Greyhound Who Inspired A Movement, Dies At Age 14

As reported by The Environmental Magazine, the former racing dog passed away on June 22.

Lantern Publishing & Media is currently working with Christine Dorchak and Carey Thiel to publish their book telling his incredible story: Brooklyn Goes Home: This Rise and Fall of Commercial Greyhound Racing, expected to print in 2023.

Brooklyn was born on December 10, 2008, and rescued from the Yat Yuen Canidrome in 2018 alongside more than five hundred greyhounds, who were sent to waiting adopters across the globe. To learn more about the international efforts that lead to the Canidrome shutting down, read the article by Carey Theil on The Environmental Magazine here or view the original campaign here. To view other victories by GREY2K, find their timeline here!

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