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Ecolibrium: On Humans, Animals, and Nature in Islam

Nadeem Haque, author of Animals in Islam, published a paper with Forces of Renewal for Southeast Asia (FORSEA), based on his recent presentation in Norway. It attempts to understand “the breakdown of peace and justice for all the sentient inhabitants of this precious planet of ours,” through the lens of the Quran and the natural belief system founded on Nature (in Arabic: fitrah).

This paper has now been posted on the Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology, as well as FORSEA’s website, and is free to access.

Read the full article here.

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Shawna Weaver on “It’s All About Food” with Caryn Hartglass

Shawna Weaver appeared on the It’s All About Food podcast, hosted by Caryn Hartglass, to talk about her book Climate Grief:

“Whether you realize it or not, many of us are experiencing grief from the deterioration of our home, planet Earth. Tune in today to learn about recognizing this grief, acknowledging truth, taking responsibility, finding hope, and leading with love!”

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Podcasts to listen to now

Looking for new podcasts to listen to? We got you covered!

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular. They are usually free and easy to access. As a genre, the podcast is one that allows the most diversity of voices. Because it is audio only, it is easier to reach out to people anywhere in the world. 

You don’t need to tune into a specific radio frequency or wait for your favorite show, podcasts are available to stream on-demand. If you are looking for recommendations to enter this world of podcast listening, or are simply looking for your next show, here are some of our favorites! 

And yes, they do happen to feature some of our authors. 😉

Hope for the Animals, with Hope Bohanec

Hope for Animals is the first on the list of podcasts you should listen to! Presented by activist and Lantern’s author, Hope Bohanec. It covers a variety of farmed animal issues, including the ethical, environmental, spiritual, heartbreaking, and heartwarming aspects of living vegan.

We recommend episodes 78 through 81, where they talk about the book The Humane Hoax.

Listen to Episode 78–The Humane Hoax Book Club Session 1:

It’s All About Food, with Caryn Hartglass (many episodes with our authors)

Caryn Hartglass is the host of It’s All About Food, a vegan podcast that’s been around since 2009. Guests talk about our food system and the vegan lifestyle. Caryn interviews medical doctors, nutritionists, dietitians, artists, environmentalists, animal rights activists, lawyers, and authors! If you are looking for an episode to start, look for some of our authors, like Anouk Frolic and Coyote Jacobs.


The Healthification podcast aims to provide people with resources to lead a healthier life. We recommend checking out the episode with author Jimmy Videle. He talks about his book, The Veganic Grower Handbook, and a shift to sustainable plant-based. agriculture.

Click on the image to listen to the episode with Jimmy Videle:

Our Hen House

“Our Hen House produces upbeat yet hard-hitting podcasts that amplify the voices of people who are working to change the world for animals, offering our listeners the essential resources, encouragement and inspiration they need to create positive change. We suggest starting with episode 709, with author Jimmy Videle.” 

Click to listen to the episode with Jimmy Videle:  

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Burning Rage of a Dying Planet in The New York Times

Bryan Denson, writer for The New York Time, published an article detailing Craig Rosebraugh’s time with the Earth Liberation Front—as well as its legal consequences—and the F.B.I’s many attempts to extract information from him. In 2004, Lantern Books published his book, Burning Rage of a Dying Planet: Speaking for the Earth Liberation Front.

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