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The Be Kind Alphabet

Teaching Children Compassion Through Learning the Alphabet

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  •    19.95 hardcover
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  •    60 pages
  •    26 full color illustrations
  •    11.5 x 8.75
  •    Hardcover, eBook
  • Hardcover ISBN  978-1-59056-708-1
  • eBook ISBN  978-1-59056-709-8
  • Publisher: Lantern Publishing & Media
  • Publication Date: August 2023

From the smallest dragonfly to the largest walrus, all animals deserve to live out their lives naturally. They need help from us, and this book offers gentle, do-able ways to inspire a child to feel empowered, through whimsical verses. The human impact on our beautiful planet has been a destructive one that affects all life. This informative, call to action, lead with your heart and mind book, is filled with engaging drawings and poems to encourage your budding animal activist. Armed with information and compassion, children can stand “together for those whose language we don’t speak. Our voices will be loud and strong, there’s no time to be meek.” As the Zebu says: “We’re plant-eaters, flower-eaters, lovers of life. If the world followed suit, there would be much less strife.

“Along with teaching the alphabet, The Be Kind Alphabet also educates young people about the lives of other animals. This beautiful and engaging book instills empathy and understanding, and it will help inspire the next generation to live more kindly and to respect fellow inhabitants of our shared planet.”—Gene Bauer, Co-Founder & President, Farm Sanctuary

“With beautiful illustrations and playful poetry, young readers will discover a little about each animal’s life and environment, and how we can protect and nurture them. Children are given an empowering message, to make kind, compassionate choices when relating to animals that will benefit all life on Earth.”—Caryn Hartglass, Co-Founder and President, Responsible Eating And Living

“Charmingly illustrated The Be Kind Alphabet is an introduction for children into the wonderful variety of sentient lives we share earth with and the urgency with which we must defend them. Teaching kids the alphabet while simultaneously gently exposing them to the reality and pervasiveness of disrespect towards animals and a need for compassion seems intuitive and necessary.”—Coyote Jacobs, artist, animal caregiver, and author of SALT

“Anouk Frolic’s The Be Kind Alphabet is a beautiful book that instills awareness in children that they can extend compassion to all beings on the planet. The book’s unique concept illustrates that seeing animals as unique individuals is as rudimentary as learning the alphabet!”—Dr. Joanne Kong, editor, Vegan Voices

“Art and rhyme are incredible learning tools. Anouk Frolic has a remarkable talent for both and it’s so pleasing to see them playfully interwoven in one original book. Anouk leverages her strengths to spread kindness and awareness in the world, and in doing so, has created a book that enlightens and inspires.”—Jo-Anne McArthur, animal photojournalist and the founder of We Animals Media

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