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One Little Fowl Discovers What’s Truly Foul

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  •    19.95 hardcover
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  •    64 pages
  •    26 full color illustrations
  •    11.5 x 8.75
  •    Hardcover, eBook
  • Hardcover ISBN  978-1-59056-678-7
  • eBook ISBN  978-1-59056-679-4
  • Publisher: Lantern Publishing & Media
  • Publication Date: November 2022

The second in a trilogy of beautifully illustrated children’s books, this story about the compelling journey of a young chicken named Cluck, told by a sage parrot.

Cluck is a very fortunate bird that was born in the safety and security of a sanctuary. But he is surrounded by birds who have seen hardship at the hands of humans, including the book’s narrator, an old wise parrot. Cluck is about to learn about other chicks who are not protected firsthand, as a factory farm and a chicken dinner drive-thru are built down the road. Children and adults of all ages will be moved and captivated by Cluck’s journey.

“Oh, how I wish the animals that we confine and torture for food were able to speak out and fight for freedom, as Cluck, the courageous chick, does in this story. Unfortunately, animals are imprisoned in a human world and therefore it is up to humans to right this wrong. Beautifully illustrated by Irene Blasco and compassionately written by Cheryl Moss, Cluck is a book for young people to learn the truth about chicken, how the bird goes from the industrial farm to our plates. However, the happy ending in this story is up to each of us, as the reader is offered the opportunity to take action and make positive change.”—Caryn Hartglass, Co-Founder and President, Responsible Eating And Living

Cluck is an urgent call for compassion. Nonhuman animals are still widely regarded as inanimate objects—whether that be as food or as pets. Cheryl Moss and Irene Blasco bring the reader in to tackle this notion through a personable flock of rescued birds. Francisco, a parrot, introduces the story’s unlikely main duo: a chick, Cluck, and a human child who runs their bird sanctuary, Ryndon. Francisco narrates Cluck and Ryndon’s journey to save chickens being raised for slaughter. Through colorful imagery and diverse landscapes, Moss and Blasco weave a story of love and liberation into the pages. Together, Cluck and Ryndon are determined to free chickens and show their community how empowering it can be to choose compassion over killing. The reader is left with a powerful tale and an inspiring call to action. This story is valuable for anyone and everyone who co-exists with nonhuman animals. Animals, birds especially, are so often cast aside and deemed as disposable or lesser-than. Moss and Blasco show us that we share this planet with them, and they deserve our respect, care, and compassion—whether they have feathers, fins, or scales.”—Cami Hoffman, Youth Director at The Raven Corps

“Cheryl Moss and Irene Blasco have created another beautiful book that will open the hearts and minds of young readers. The story of Cluck and his sanctuary friends ingeniously and effectively weaves in the messages that all animals are individuals who feel and suffer, and that positive actions and activism can make change possible. Irene Blasco’s illustrations are vivid and stunning, conveying the emotions and personalities of the birds. This book is a must-read for children and adults alike, raising awareness of the plight of chickens, one of the most exploited animals on our planet.”—Dr. Joanne Kong, editor of Vegan Voices: Essays by Inspiring Changemakers

“Wow such a beautiful and relatable story. I loved the main characters, the birds and boy at the sanctuary, sited next to a chicken slaughterhouse. ‘Cluck was a reminder of just how good life can be when one is born in love and in safety.’ The trial and rescue and question at the end leaving it to the reader what to do to protect all the chickens everywhere. This series is so brilliant. Hope there are more in the works.”—Anita Krajnc, Executive Director, Animal Save Movement

Cluck is a graceful yet powerful story to teach children (and adults!) what it means to respect other sentient creatures. The beautiful illustrations by Irene Blasco are nothing but magical and truly capture the profound lesson of love in Cheryl Moss’s words.”—Dr. Camila Perussello, author of Food for Thought: Planetary Healing Begins on Our Plate

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