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Hope the Hopeful Piglet

A Picture Book Teaching Children Kindness and Compassion

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  •    19.95 hardcover
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  •    52 pages
  •    full page illustrations
  •    11.5 x 8.75
  •    Hardcover, eBook
  • Hardcover ISBN  978-1-59056-692-3
  • eBook ISBN  978-1-59056-693-0
  • Publisher: Lantern Publishing & Media
  • Publication Date: March 2023

Hope is a baby piglet, and she was born in a factory farm. When she was young, her mother was taken away somewhere. One day, Hope is being taken to a new place too. She hopes she will see her mom again. While on the truck that is taking Hope and her piglet friends to the new place, Hope meets some animal friends that tell her about how nice it is at the park, and the beach, and the forest. But when Hope arrives at the new place, it isn’t nice like those places. It’s dark, dirty, and scary. Then one day, Hope’s dream of seeing all the beautiful places she heard about, may just come true. Thanks to a kind and brave girl. See how Hope’s story turns out, and how through her we can show our children kindness and compassion for all animals.

“This short and beautiful story is the kind of stories I believe parents should be sharing with their babies, the next generation, who has a power to change how we view life and our perception of other animals. Hope’s story is one that many animals have experienced, but unfortunately, many more have experienced the story of her mother. It is the both the responsibility and the privilege of parents to raise kids who will try their best to take important moral stances and live ethical lives. In a world where many ignore the importance of concepts such as love and respect, let Hope’s story raise children who will embrace these concepts.”—Seb Alex, animal rights activist, lecturer, photojournalist, and author

“All libraries need to make space on their shelves for Hope the Hopeful Piglet and her story. Told through the eyes of this adorable little pig, children will be gently educated and entertained by her moving story. I truly wish this book existed back when I was a kid.”—Sorsha Morava, animal rights activist and content creator

“The book I wish I read as a child! A wonderful introduction into animal rights… A thoughtful, heartfelt, realistic, and compassionate look at the animals that children love.”—Atomic Vegans, animal rights activists and artists

“A little story of Hope, her life was almost lost.
People wanted to hurt her; they didn’t know the cost.
She’s such a smart, loving girl who, like us, can think and feel.
How ever could we hurt her, she’s more than just a meal.”
Emma Graf, animal rights activist and mother

“The hardest part about raising vegan children isn’t what to feed them; It’s protecting their natural sense of compassion in a world full of indifference.” —Sara Marti, animal rights activist and mother

“For too many it’s easy to turn a blind eye to the voiceless victims of animal agriculture. This uplifting tale lends a voice to one such victim and pulls at our heartstrings as we experience the realities of our cruel food system from a baby animal’s point of view. As a mother, I couldn’t help but empathize with the main character as if she were my own little one. It’s essential to educate kids about everyday injustices like this and empower them to make compassionate choices for animals, people, and the planet.”—Ashley Renne Nsonwu, activist, speaker, educator

“This book beautifully illustrates how all animals are the same—they all want love happiness companionship and freedom. Unfortunately, today’s society teaches our children that some animals are to be protected and loved, and some are to be imprisoned and hurt. It’s so important to re-educate our future generations that all animals are equal and deserve to live their lives in peace. That’s why as activists we need to spread the word of veganism, for the good of the animals, our planet, and also our own health.”—Sarah Jane Abdennadher, animal rights activist

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