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Can One Little Pig Weather the Storm?

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  •    19.95 hardcover
  •    8.99 eBook - Purchase eBook
  •    50 pages
  •    19 full color illustrations
  •    11.5 x 8.75
  •    Hardcover, eBook
  • Hardcover ISBN  978-1-59056-712-8
  • eBook ISBN  978-1-59056-713-5
  • Publisher: Lantern Publishing & Media
  • Publication Date: October 2023

The third in a trilogy of beautifully illustrated children’s books, this story about a little pig and his journey to freedom and happiness that will delight children and adults alike.

Pickle: Can One Little Pig Weather the Storm? is a riveting, fun and engaging book about a pig born into a factory farm where he is raised to become bacon served on a plate. Pickle, like all of his companions, are raised in crowded and dirty warehouses where everyone is treated without compassion for their feelings or personal comfort. But a hurricane changes his chances for a better life. This book takes you on this journey that is sure to delight children of all ages.

“I find it puzzling that so many adults happily recite numerous fairy tales to children, especially the sanitized Disney versions, even though the stories can be scary and involve a bit of violence. There are stepmothers that want to murder their stepdaughters or treat them like slaves, as in Snow White and Cinderella. And yet, children’s stories about farms and farm animals are more make-believe than these fairy tales! Children are made to believe that animals live happily on green pastures and frolic with their friends and family members. These images are so ubiquitous when we are young that we continue to believe this fantasy as adults.

We need more books like Pickle! Here is a story for young readers that is honest about animal agriculture. It unfolds in a way that is mindful of its young audience, with a joyful and inspiring ending. As in other books in this trilogy by Cheryl Moss (Gabriel and Cluck), Irene Blasco’s brightly colored images enhance the storytelling in a gentle and sensitive way that is appropriate for children. We can relate to needs and desires of Pickle and the other pigs, because in many ways, they are just like us. Pickle: Can One Little Pig Weather the Storm? is an engaging story, perfect for any child’s bookshelf.”—Caryn Hartglass, Co-Founder and President, Responsible Eating And Living

“As a sanctuary-based humane educator, I have struggled to find children’s books that speak to the truths of animal agriculture and showcase the sentience of farmed animals. Pickle is a story that allows young readers to gain a deeper understanding of the lives many farmed animals live. This is all the while demonstrating the incredible qualities of farmed animals. Pickle’s story draws you in and captures your heart while raising awareness about factory farming.”—Kelly Nix, Humane Educator and Outreach Coordinator, Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary

“Children deserve to know that pigs, like cats and dogs, are smart, sensitive beings who deserve a life free from suffering. It’s tragic that factory farming robs them of that life. Pickle takes them on his journey from cramped sad circumstances to a life of freedom. Based on a true story and beautifully illustrated, children can learn that there’s a better way to meet a pig than on a plate.”—John Oberg, Founder, John Oberg Social

Pickle is an adorable book that inspires both kids and adults. An age-appropriate story meets beautiful artwork, making this book a lovely gift for a lucky child.”—Dr. Camila Perussello, author of Food for Thought: Planetary Healing Begins on Our Plate

“As a mother and the founder of Compassion Rising, it is so important, especially in the world we live in today, that we have books like Pickle to gently explain to our children the truth about the ‘food’ we are conditioned to eat. Animals are not food, but beautiful sentient beings, and I have seen first-hand the innate seed of compassion that children have for animals from birth. It’s through this awareness that my business, Compassion Rising, was born. Thank you, Cheryl, for providing this beautifully illustrated example of the sentience and emotional intelligence of pigs. We need more books like this in the world, and we need more Awakened Authors to step up and write them. Thank you!”—Tricia Shields, Founder, Compassion Rising, LLC

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