Excerpt from The Supremacist Syndrome

“In this absorbing, passionately argued, and deeply researched volume, independent scholar Peter Marsh examines the supremacist thinking that underlies the structures of oppression, and argues for equity, engagement, and reciprocity among peoples and in relationship to other animals.”—Jim Mason, author An Unnatural Order

Overcoming Supremacism: What We Can Do

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Promotion FAQ

Congratulations! You are now a Lantern author. Now the real work begins!

Each year over 50,000 books are published in the United States. Most of these books sell a few thousand copies and receive little or no attention from reviewers or the media. Serious books on serious subjects constitute a tiny percentage of the books sold throughout the year.

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Top Ten Ways to Promote Your Book

1. Carry copies of your book with you wherever you go. When people are interested in you, they will often be interested in your work, as well. You never know when there will be an opportunity to sell your book or when you’ll meet someone influential to whom you ought to hand a copy.  If there are situations where you can’t carry enough books, be sure to take fliers or postcards so that those interested will remember your name and the title of your book.

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Post-Publication FAQ

“How can I order my book?”

All authors are entitled to a 50% discount on copies they purchase themselves. To order books, please call 703-661-1594. You will be charged for shipping, and you will not receive royalties on books that you buy yourself.

Please order books with at least a two to three weeks lead time. Shipping is expensive enough without incurring express charges.

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Pre-Publication FAQ

“When and how should I send in my manuscript?”

If your manuscript is not yet complete, please send it to us by the date specified in your contract. You may email us the text (as one document, please, rather than separate files for individual chapters or sections) or send us a disk, but please also mail us a hard copy. We set the due date based on the book’s anticipated publication date and the time we expect it will take to prepare the manuscript for publication. Delays in submitting the manuscript may result in postponement of the publication date. If you feel you will not be able to meet the deadline specified in the contract, please contact us to discuss an extension rather than submitting an unfinished book, which will certainly create delays.

Please refer to our Style Guide before submitting your final manuscript. Then see How to Submit a Manuscript.

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