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Lotus of the Heart

Lotus of the Heart

Living Yoga for Personal Wellness and Global Survival

  •    20.00 paperback
  •    9.99 eBook - Purchase eBook
  •    250 pages
  •    Black & White Photographs
  •    7 x 9
  •    Paperback, eBook
  • Paperback ISBN  978-1-59056-533-9
  • eBook ISBN  978-1-59056-534-6
  • Publisher: Lantern Publishing & Media
  • Publication Date: May 2016

Interweaving sacred traditions with modern nutritional and environmental science, Lotus of the Heart is a guidebook for living well in today’s challenging world. Arguing that what we do to others, we do to the planet and ourselves, Tracey Glover shows us how to release ourselves from the illusion of separation and see how we are truly connected in myriad ways—to our neighbors, our families, people who harvest the food on our plates, nonhuman animals, the environment, and life in its entirety. We learn the teachings and tools that yoga and other traditions offer us to return to our own most authentic selves, and find deep peace, health, and fullness for ourselves and all life.

Lotus of the Heart is a call to see the truth of our interconnectedness and a manual for living in harmony with this essential wisdom.

Lotus of the Heart is a stirring and fully integrated expression of the central tenets of yoga by a teacher who lives and breathes its principles. Tracey Glover’s compassion and commitment to nonviolence toward other beings, oneself, and the planet are truly inspiring.”—Will Tuttle, author, The World Peace Diet

“Tracey Glover’s Lotus of the Heart is a timely and informative guide to the true meaning of yoga. Her commitment to the practice and her care and concern for Earth and all sentient beings shine through on every page.” —Ven. Tashi Nyima, Preceptor, New Jonang Buddhist Community of North Texas, and Board member of Dharma Voices for Animals

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