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Columnist J.M. Sorrell on “Do Childfree People Have Better Sex”

J.M. Sorrell of the Daily Hampshire Gazette wrote a piece reflecting on her relationship to motherhood, including her opinions on Verena Brunschweiger‘s latest book, Do Childfree People Have Better Sex? Here’s what she had to say:

Despite the provocative title, the book is most focused on the practical environmental and the political feminist reasons to choose not to procreate. She … writes about the exploitative nature of procreation from a feminist perspective, and she offers philosophical and ethical analyses to argue that the most responsible choice for humans is to interrupt the pattern of compulsive procreation.

Brunschweiger’s book makes no apologies, has no filters and is too honest and real for people who feel threatened by a perspective that questions a universal status quo. I highly recommend this book.

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