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Earth Day: books to help you act for our planet

Since 1970, April 22 has been the day where billions of people around the world unite for the planet. Earth Day is never just April 22, it needs to be every day. Whether this is just another day of fighting for the planet, or if Earth Day spiked your interest to learn more, here is a list of books that can help you with the tools to fight and act for our planet.

The Red Planet

The Red Planet book cover shows a tree with barren branches and the roots deep into red soil. The title is on the top of the image.

We humans have an extraordinary capacity for compassion. Much of it in response to the atrocities we inflict on the planet, its animals, and each other. The popular explanation for this paradox is that we evolved as carnivorous “killer apes,” who gradually curbed our lust for violence, with frequent exceptions, by implementing humane social norms. This explanation is so well worn, especially in the American psyche, that it epitomizes cliché. So, we could be forgiven for believing it, when nearly every word is fiction.

Climate Grief

Penetrating our hearts and minds, climate grief is not an ailment we have to heal from but a call to change the trajectory of our shared future. The universality, urgency, and inescapable scope of climate change leads to a depth of grief we are not prepared to cope with, and a grief that is still largely unknown and ignored. Climate change and climate grief are inseparable, and coping with the emotional fallout of the climate crisis is our first step toward dealing with the crisis itself and to building resilience.

Climate Grief book cover shows an abstract painting in the shades of blue, green, and orange. The title is in black, on top, and the subtitle below, inside a light blue box

How to End Injustice Everywhere

new books how to end injustice everywhere

In this eye-opening and compelling work, psychologist Melanie Joy reveals the common denominator driving all forms of injustice. The mentality that drives us to oppress and abuse humans is the same mentality that drives us to oppress and abuse nonhumans and the environment, as well as those in our own groups working for justice. How to End Injustice Everywhere offers a fascinating examination of the psychology and structure of unjust systems and behaviors.

Vegan Geographies

In fourteen chapters from a diverse group of scholars and living practitioners, Vegan Geographies looks across space and scale, exploring the appropriateness of vegan ethics among diverse social and cultural groups, and within the midst of broader neoliberal economic and political frameworks that seek to commodify and marketize the movement.

Vegan Geographies book cover is black and green, with the black and white illustrations of a sheep, a horse, a cow, a pig, and a turkey, and a green plant

An Unnatural Order

An Unnatural Order book cover shows the picture of a chimpanzee against a black background. The title is on the lower part of the cover, in aqua-green.

An Unnatural Order offers an expansive overview of what has changed (both for good and for ill) and what has unfortunately remained the same. The book’s message is clear: until we grapple with the question of the animal, and our relationship with animality and the natural world, we will not be able to confront the consequences of our perpetuation of environmental destruction, biodiversity collapse, and our alienation from the Earth and one another. 

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Ecolibrium: On Humans, Animals, and Nature in Islam

Nadeem Haque, author of Animals in Islam, published a paper with Forces of Renewal for Southeast Asia (FORSEA), based on his recent presentation in Norway. It attempts to understand “the breakdown of peace and justice for all the sentient inhabitants of this precious planet of ours,” through the lens of the Quran and the natural belief system founded on Nature (in Arabic: fitrah).

This paper has now been posted on the Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology, as well as FORSEA’s website, and is free to access.

Read the full article here.

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Book ideas to gift everyone on the holidays

December is a month that requires a lot of creativity from people. Finding the right gift to friends and family might be tricky. You are either overwhelmed by the many possibilities, or completely clueless in what to give to that distant relative who you only see during the holidays. 

No matter which group you identify with the most, the safest bet, in our opinion, is to gift books! So we got you covered! Here is a list of suggestions to make all loved ones happy.

Books for new vegans/vegetarians

Book cover showing a clouded morning sky. There are the pictures of a cow, a chicken, a pig, and a fish. The title reads: Food for Thought, planetary healing begins on our plate

Food for Thought

A science-based analysis of the social and environmental impacts of eating animals, written by food engineer Camila Perusello. This is a book that debunks the meat and dairy industry, including the so-called “humaine” practices. The readers will also find a guide on how to live vegan inside.
Where to buy: https://lanternpm.org/book/food-for-thought/

Sistah Vegan & Brotha Vegan

These sibling books gather a series of narratives written by North American black-identified vegans. Collectively, these activists are de-colonizing their bodies and minds via whole foods veganism.
Where to buy: https://lanternpm.org/book/sistah-vegan/

Book cover with a blue background and the title Vegan Voices. In the middle of the image there is an illustration of the heartbeats in a  cardiac monitor and outlines of animals

Vegan Voices

Why are you vegan? That is a question every vegan person heard at least once in their lives. Vegan Voices is a collection of testimonials about how our food choices are deeply connected to the issues of our time.
Where to buy: https://lanternpm.org/book/vegan-voices/

Books for kids

Children’s Loving Library

Gabriel, Cluck, and Pickle follow the lives of farm animals seeking refuge. It is a great trilogy to introduce the theme of veganism for kids, especially if they are starting to compare their diets with those of their friends. All books were written by Cheryl Moss and illustrated by Irene Blasco.
Where to buy: https://lanternpm.org/book/the-childrens-loving-library/

Collage of three children's book covers. On the back left is Gabriel, with the illustration of a calf. On the back right is Cluck, with the illustration of a baby chicken. On the center is the cover of Pickle, with a piglet.
new books the be kind alphabet

The Be Kind Alphabet

For children who are learning their first letters, The Be Kind Alphabet helps them learn with empathy. Each letter gets its own poem, inspired by a different animal. Written and illustrated by Anouk Frolic, this book is a great addition to your child’s library.
Where to buy: https://lanternpm.org/book/the-be-kind-alphabet/

Hope, the Hopeful Piglet

Hope is a baby piglet born on a factory farm. The book follows Hope’s journey as she expects the day she will be taken to a new place, dreaming about the woods, the beach, and the park. A story that should be shared with the next generation.
Where to buy: https://lanternpm.org/book/hope-the-hopeful-piglet/

Cover image of a children's book showing the illustration of a piglet with a butterfly on their nose, in the middle of a forest
Book cover of Claude and Medea. The background shows a city. Two kids, a boy and a girl, are running together with two dogs

Claude & Medea

A book for older kids, Claude & Medea tells the story of two adventurous middle school students who find themselves facing Manhattan criminals. With their odd substitute teacher, Ms. Rattlebee, on their side, the two kids begin to view the world differently.
Where to buy: https://lanternpm.org/book/claude-medea/

Books to start the new year with hope

The Farm Animal Movement

The way we treat animals in the United States is about to change. In this book, Jeff Thomas shares a constellation of stories from people who are working hard to end factory farms. A perfect book to start the year feeling hopeful!

Where to buy: https://lanternpm.org/book/the-farm-animal-movement/

The Farm Animal Movement book cover. The background is white and there is the outline of a cow with a red-meat like texture
Teal book cover with the title on top (The World Peace Diet) and a painting of an apple in shades of blue, red, and yellow

The World Peace Diet

Our food choices tell us about our relationship with the world we live in. Since it was first published, in 2005, The World Peace Diet presents the outlines of a more empowering understanding of our world. Will Tuttle shows how we can move our consciousness forward as a species.

Where to buy: https://lanternpm.org/book/the-world-peace-diet/

Recovery Writing

Author James Ryan calls himself and addict in recovery. After over twenty years sober, he shares his own and others’ experiences with writing as a healing tool.

Where to buy: https://lanternpm.org/book/recovery-writing/

Book cover with a white wall, floor, and door. The door is open and there is a colorful pattern inside. The title is on top: Recovery Writing

Books for your coffee table

Jo-Anne McArthur’s photo books

Jo-Anne McArthur’s photos speak directly to the reader’s heart. As powerful as her images are the stories that accompany them. The Animals are Leaving Us, Captive, Hidden, and We Animals are great additions sure to spark important conversations in the living room.

Check all of the author’s books here: https://lanternpm.org/book-authors/jo-anne-mcarthur/

Pit Bull Flower Power

Pit Bulls suffer with the misplaced fame of being hellhounds. In this photo book, Sophie Gamand composed lovely images of those friendly dogs in flower accessories. All of the photos’ stars were in shelters, waiting for rescue, when the pictures were taken.

Where to buy: https://lanternpm.org/book/pit-bull-flower-power/

Pit Bull Flower Power book cover with the picture of a pit bull with a blue flower crown in their head

Books for the critical thinker

Aphro-ism book cover. The background is orange and there are abstract neon colored elements in the center.


This collection brings forward new theoretical frames on race, advocacy for nonhuman animals, and feminism. From pop-culture elements, the authors engage in a groundbreaking analysis of the compartmentalized nature of contemporary social movements.

Where to buy: https://lanternpm.org/book/aphro-ism/

Racism as zoological witchcraft

Author Aph-Ko takes the 2017 movie Get Out as a starting point to show the many ways that white supremacist notions of animality and race exist through the consumption and exploitation of flesh. It is a book that aims to provide the pathway to genuine liberation.

Where to buy: https://lanternpm.org/book/racism-as-zoological-witchcraft/

Blue book cover of Racism as Zoological Witchcraft showing the illustration of an eye with a shattered iris.
Aftershock book cover in shades of green with two leaf illustrations on top


Aftershock is about the struggle for a world in which nobody lives in fear of atrocities perpetrated by human beings. It is a book that explores the culture of trauma that people have created through our violent exploitation of the Earth, other animals, and one another. 

Where to buy: https://lanternpm.org/book/aftershock/

Books for the animal activist

Entangled Empathy

What if, instead of focusing on animal rights, we empathetically responded to their needs? Author Lori Gruen presents the concept of entangled empathy, a type of caring perception focused on attending to another’s experience of well-being.

Where to buy: https://lanternpm.org/book/entangled-empathy/

Entangled Empathy book cover shows the back of a woman holding hands with a baby chimpanzee


This graphic novel by Coyote Jacobs is, unfortunately, inspired by true events. With bright colored images and an impactful story, this is a book about two men and their mission to free a monkey from a vivisection lab.

Where to buy: https://lanternpm.org/book/salt/

SALT book cover with a dar blue background and a green alien hugging a monkey
How to Create a Vegan World book cover is green with an illustration of planet earth in the center

How to create a vegan world

Author Tobias Leenaert approaches the idea of a vegan world in a pragmatic manner. How to Create a Vegan World brings forward strategies that can help animal rights activists and vegan activists to communicate effectively.
Where to buy: https://lanternpm.org/book/how-to-create-a-vegan-world/

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Podcasts to listen to now

Looking for new podcasts to listen to? We got you covered!

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular. They are usually free and easy to access. As a genre, the podcast is one that allows the most diversity of voices. Because it is audio only, it is easier to reach out to people anywhere in the world. 

You don’t need to tune into a specific radio frequency or wait for your favorite show, podcasts are available to stream on-demand. If you are looking for recommendations to enter this world of podcast listening, or are simply looking for your next show, here are some of our favorites! 

And yes, they do happen to feature some of our authors. 😉

Hope for the Animals, with Hope Bohanec

Hope for Animals is the first on the list of podcasts you should listen to! Presented by activist and Lantern’s author, Hope Bohanec. It covers a variety of farmed animal issues, including the ethical, environmental, spiritual, heartbreaking, and heartwarming aspects of living vegan.

We recommend episodes 78 through 81, where they talk about the book The Humane Hoax.

Listen to Episode 78–The Humane Hoax Book Club Session 1:

It’s All About Food, with Caryn Hartglass (many episodes with our authors)

Caryn Hartglass is the host of It’s All About Food, a vegan podcast that’s been around since 2009. Guests talk about our food system and the vegan lifestyle. Caryn interviews medical doctors, nutritionists, dietitians, artists, environmentalists, animal rights activists, lawyers, and authors! If you are looking for an episode to start, look for some of our authors, like Anouk Frolic and Coyote Jacobs.


The Healthification podcast aims to provide people with resources to lead a healthier life. We recommend checking out the episode with author Jimmy Videle. He talks about his book, The Veganic Grower Handbook, and a shift to sustainable plant-based. agriculture.

Click on the image to listen to the episode with Jimmy Videle:

Our Hen House

“Our Hen House produces upbeat yet hard-hitting podcasts that amplify the voices of people who are working to change the world for animals, offering our listeners the essential resources, encouragement and inspiration they need to create positive change. We suggest starting with episode 709, with author Jimmy Videle.” 

Click to listen to the episode with Jimmy Videle:  

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Excerpt from The Supremacist Syndrome

“In this absorbing, passionately argued, and deeply researched volume, independent scholar Peter Marsh examines the supremacist thinking that underlies the structures of oppression, and argues for equity, engagement, and reciprocity among peoples and in relationship to other animals.”—Jim Mason, author An Unnatural Order

Overcoming Supremacism: What We Can Do

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