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Yoga for the Wounded Heart

A Journey, Philosophy, and Practice of Healing Emotional Pain

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  •    224 pages
  •    6 x 9
  •    Paperback, eBook
  • Paperback ISBN  978-1-59056-578-0
  • eBook ISBN  978-1-59056-579-7
  • Publisher: Lantern Publishing & Media
  • Publication Date: April 2018

Orphaned in her early teens and shuttled between abusive foster homes, Tatiana Forero Puerta found herself in her early twenties in New York City, haunted by memories of her tumultuous youth and suicidal feelings. Following emergency hospitalization, she was advised by her doctor to take up yoga. Over days, weeks, months, and then years, she embraced yoga’s honesty and discipline—delving more deeply into its wisdom, literature, and, vitally, its practice. In so doing, yoga healed her scars, opened her soul to forgiveness, and allowed her to reconcile herself with a past that had threatened to snuff out her life.

Yoga for the Wounded Heart is an unsparingly honest memoir of a childhood lost and of courage and resilience gained. It’s also an exploration of the fundamentals of yoga—as a technology that focuses our awareness; as a practical application of mindfulness and attention to what is really going on in our lives and bodies; and as a vehicle for the body to guide the mind and heart toward healing.

“Tatiana sees the human condition in a way that blends spirituality and practical insight, and she writes like both a wise teacher and an understanding friend. It takes someone with these integrated diversities—gentleness and strength, youth and wisdom, lightheartedness and realism—to explore the territory covered here, and she does it masterfully.”—Victoria Moran, bestselling author, Main Street Vegan

“This book should be prescribed to anyone who is hurting. In an age where yoga has taken on somewhat of a trendy role in society, the pure, unpretentious, and down-to-earth approach that Yoga for the Wounded Heart takes is a beacon of light.”—Jennifer Faylor, author, Edison’s Ghost Machine

“Tatiana is a natural teacher. She has what it takes to make philosophy clear and applicable to both beginners and seasoned yogis. Her work is a beautiful contribution to the yoga community.”—Jhon Tamayo, founder, Atmananda Yoga

Yoga for the Wounded Heart is a testament to the Enduring Spirit and a guide for those seeking to understand the proudly transformative tools of yoga. Tatiana’s wisdom and words of resiliency speak directly to the hero’s journey and what it is to be established in the gift that yoga promises. Through insight, story, and the fearless application of the full breadth of yoga, Tatiana demonstrates the steps of meeting the challenges of waking from the dream and opening to the wholeness at the other side. Part testimonial and part academic perspective on the Yoga Sutras, Yoga for the Wounded Heart is rare, even among the rare, as it has come out of Tatiana’s own hard-won relevancy of what it is to be a survivor and a yogi. Tatiana is a shining example of what it is to be a hero, not despite our story but because of it.”—Shanti Kelly, founder, Shanti Yoga Practice

“Tatiana has done us the service of authoring a book as both teacher and student of the art, science, and philosophy of yoga. Yoga for the Wounded Heart is a beacon of light illuminating the teachings of an ancient tradition, while also serving as a living, breathing example that our greatest strength rests in our vulnerability. For anyone moving through the trials of depression—or longing to understand the heart, mind, and soul of those who do—this book answers the call for help.”—Kevin Courtney, creator, The Bridge Practice

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