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Social Creatures

A Human and Animal Studies Reader

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  •    480 pages
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  • Paperback ISBN  978-1-59056-123-2
  • Publisher: Lantern Publishing & Media
  • Publication Date: June 2008

Other-than-human animals are an overwhelming presence in our collective and individual lives and, at the same time, are taken for granted by human animals. Sociologists have neglected the study of human-animal interaction and the role of animals in society. This is true, despite the fact that animals are an integral part of our lives: in our language, food, families, economy, education, science, and recreation.

In more than thirty essays, Social Creatures examines the role of animals in human society. Collected from a wide range of periodicals and books, these important works of scholarship examine such issues as how animal shelter workers view the pets in their care, why some people hoard animals, animals and women who experience domestic abuse, philosophical and feminist analyses of our moral obligations toward animals, and many other topics.

Social Creatures includes work by Peter Singer, Tom Regan, Carol J. Adams, Josephine Donovan, Barbara Noske, Arnold Arluke, Ken Shapiro, and many leading scholars, anthropologists, and psychologists. The book also comes with an extensive bibliography of hundreds of articles and books.

Featuring: Carol J. Adams—Arnold Arluke—Frank R. Ascione—Michael J. Barnes—Alan M. Beck—Nancy S. Betchart—Clifton Bryant—Josephine Donovan—Clifton P. Flynn—Stephanie S. Frommer—Gerald H. Gosse—Kathleen M. Heide—Harold Herzog—Leslie Irvine—Aaron H. Katcher—Andrew Linzey—Linda Merz-Perez—Lyle Munro—David Nibert—Barbara Noske—Hannah L. Osbourne—Gary J. Patronek—Elizabeth S. Paul—Rose M. Perrine—Mary T. Phillips—Robert B. Pitman—Tom Regan—Harriet Ritvo—Andrew N. Rowan—Clinton R. Sanders—James A. Serpell—Kenneth J. Shapiro—Ira J. Silverman—Peter Singer—Tracey Smith-Harris—Marjorie Spiegel—Michael Tobias.

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