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Statement on Palestine

Committed to our mission to inform and inspire new generations of global citizens to create a healthy, compassionate, and resilient world for animals and humans alike, we would like to add our voices in a call for a ceasefire and permanent peace.

Over the years, we have been watching the escalating violence in the Gaza Strip and surrounding areas. Thousands of innocent civilians are suffering mercilessly as a result of a seventy-five-year violent conflict. Many have been killed and displaced while an increased lack of empathy and compassion has taken root. The violent forced displacement and destruction of a people’s culture, language, history, and shared sites of community cannot be justified as an act of self-defense.

We feel that real peace, however difficult to achieve, will not be attained with more violence. We encourage everyone to delve deeper and seek information from reliable sources. Please resist the temptation to share something on social media just because it makes you angry. Reflect on your feelings and do research to better understand the context as a responsible global citizen.

Lantern supports peace and non-violent conflict resolutions for all beings. Empathy and compassion happen when we open our hearts to what others are feeling. This is Lantern’s culture and mission.

How to take action and support peace efforts in Gaza:

– On social media: check the sources of a post before sharing. Look for credible sources and first-hand accounts.

– Talk to your representatives: if you are an American citizen, write to your congress member.

– Make a donation: if you can, donate any amount to humanitarian aid.

– Sign a petition: there are many going on out there. Add your signature.

– Read stories from authors who live the war. Access free eBooks here.