The Secret Life of Pigs: Stories of Compassion and the Animal Save Movement

by Richard Hoyle and Anita Krajnc



Foreword by Ingrid Newkirk
Afterword by pattrice jones
Final Words by Moby

From factory farms to sanctuaries, pigs live rich and complex lives often hidden from us. In this two-part book, Marine veteran Richard Hoyle and renowned activist Anita Krajnc give us an in-depth look into their experience caring for pigs and their activism. From his sanctuary in Tennessee, Hoyle describes the many challenges and lessons that come with caring for pigs for thirty-six years. Rich takes the reader on a journey about the unique way these pigs changed his life with transformative love and care. Each pig’s personality shines through the page. The second part of this book presents the reality of a pig’s life under the control of humans. Anita Krajnc describes her own experiences with pigs and the dark and violent world of factory farming. Arrested in 2015 for offering water to pigs inside of a commercial trailer, Krajnc speaks out against the treatment of these caring and intelligent creatures. She then describes the global expansion of Animal Save Movement, which she co-founded, the killing of beloved activist Regan Russell, the Plant Based Treaty initiative, and how going vegan for the animals, the climate, and one’s health are intertwined and crucial for our survival.