Gabriel: How Saving One Calf Changed an Entire Community

by Cheryl Moss and illustrated by Irene Blasco



“With powerful and engaging illustrations and easy-to- understand language, Gabriel offers children a window into the world of animal farming and teaches them about where their food comes from. Now more than ever, it is imperative to educate young people about the connection between meat, dairy, and eggs and a warming planet, pandemics and disease, and the tragedy of mass cruelty to animals in farming. This sweet story of rescue gently educates in an easily understandable way as we are taken on a journey of love and compassion. Through the awakening of the main character, Claire, and her rescue of the calf, Gabriel, we see the possibility of a transformation to a brighter future for animals, for the planet, and for us all.”—Hope Bohanec, Executive Director, Compassionate Living, author of the forthcoming Humane Hoax Anthology

Gabriel is a story of hope and inspiration. My own children’s drive to make the world a better place is what inspires me to work every day toward a future where no animal is exploited for food. Their passion fuels mine. I look forward to a future where the world’s children will look at cows, and all animals, as beautiful, smart creatures, worthy of respect, protection, and freedom.”—Leah Garcés, President, Mercy For Animals

Gabriel: How Saving One Calf Changed an Entire Community is a book I wish I was given to read as a child. Cheryl Moss has written a story that allows children to learn about the harsh realities of our food system in a gentle, but honest way. At the same time, children are empowered to follow their hearts, be courageous, and solve problems that will make this world better. The artwork by Irene Blasco enhances this truthful narrative. The colorful illustrations reveal the life in the animals’ eyes— eyes that are full of feeling, be it fear, sadness, or joy. Knowing the reality of where food comes from, children will be motivated to find solutions that are kind, just, and sustainable for people, animals, and the environment.”—Caryn Hartglass, Co-Founder and President, Responsible Eating And Living

“This is a beautiful book by Cheryl Moss, with its wonderful message to young people that they can make a difference. The story of Gabriel unfolds concisely and directly, yet at the same time draws the reader into a deeper awareness of the power of compassion and empathy. The illustrations by Irene Blasco are a perfect fit, filled with sensitivity and warm colors that enhance the impact of the book.”—Dr. Joanne Kong, editor of Vegan Voices: Essays by Inspiring Changemakers

“Congratulations. This is an absolutely fantastic book that I wish all youth would read. I love this story of awakening, a bold first animal rescue by a young teenage girl, and how it brings together compassion for animals and a concern for the climate and water crises. It’s poignantly illustrated in both realist and expressionist styles.”—Anita Krajnc, PhD

Gabriel offers a glimpse of a world where love and connection to all sentient beings is the norm. An eye-opening, thought provoking, deeply moving and timely book,

Gabriel ‘wakes up’ and inspires young and adult readers to create positive change for all animals, the earth, and as a result, humankind.”—Camille Licate, speaker, author, creator of Kids for Positive Change & Wake Up with Bree (the Rescue Rooster)

“I react viscerally to artist Irene Blasco’s rendering of this story of Gabriel and the other animals. One can’t help but see these paintings and become immersed. Thus gripped, I wanted to see more, and know more. The images are beautiful, highly emotionally intelligent, and succeed in their goal: they also made me want to do more.”—Jo-Anne McArthur, photojournalist, Founder of We Animals Media

“Bravo that this team came together to tell the children the truth! The honest portrayal of what animals endure at our hands and Irene’s rich illustrations in Gabriel bring home the message that children can understand, that peace really does begin on your plate.”—Jodi Paige, Virgin Cheese

“If you want to raise kind and compassionate children, this is the book you are looking for. With gorgeous illustrations and objective yet graceful language, Gabriel depicts the philosophy of veganism through a carefully constructed story on the ramifications of raising animals for food. I love how the author uses a child-friendly narrative that also inspires adults to make higher choices.”—Dr. Camila Perussello, Food Engineer, Gaia Vida Consciente

“Annika, our 9-year-old, and I fell in love with Gabriel’s touching story. These issues impact everyone on the planet and, now more than ever, we need to open up our kids’ eyes and hearts to what is going on in a compassionate way. That is exactly what this book does.”—Mikael Roldsgaard, Director of Leadership Giving, Mercy For Animals

“There has never been more of a need for books like GabrielWith Irene Blasco’s vibrant illustrations, Cheryl Moss’s narrative comes alive as we follow the ripple of change created by Claire, a young girl who performs one courageous and compassionate act. Young readers who hold this book in their hands will recognize in themselves the innate compassion that Claire embodies, for she demonstrates how caring about the well-being of other animals is truly an instinctual response. By describing a systemic transition away from the consumption of animal products, and the exploitation of animals becoming something of the past, Gabriel helps bring us closer to making this a reality.”—Linnea Ryshke, visual artist and author of Kindling