Food for Thought: Planetary Healing Begins on Our Plate

by Camila Perussello




An empowering and inspiring book for readers to make informed decisions and create a better world—for themselves and our planet—written by an international award-winning food engineer.

Food for Thought seeks to make you aware of your power to shape industry and society. Noted Food Engineer Camila Perussello, PhD invites you to question who really benefits from our current food system through a detailed, science-based analysis of food production and consumption. Perussello discusses how this industry goes well beyond the blatant violence against non-human animals. The author posits that animal agriculture is creating a world of disease, suffering and despair, injustice, and environmental depletion. She provides an accessible, science-based analysis of animal food production from the perspective of a Food Process Engineer, as well as insightful discussions on the many implications of our diet. Each section is supported by powerful photographs taken by acclaimed Animal Equality undercover investigators in animal farms worldwide. She elaborates on the relationship between microbial pathogens (including COVID-19), antibiotic resistance, and the consumption of animal products. Food for Thought is ultimately an invitation to change society making it an essential and timely resource for everyone.