Do Childfree People Have Better Sex? A Feminist’s Journey in the Childfree Movement

by Verena Brunschweiger




The latest book by well-known, progressive activist Verena Brunschweiger on the growing childfree movement, its many positive benefits, and the conventional resistance to adopting this lifestyle.

Verena Brunschweiger is no stranger to controversy. In her latest book, Do Childfree People Have Better Sex?, our provocateur tackles this increasingly popular topic and its many ramifications, head-on. After conveying her own personal story, Brunschweiger expounds with data in hand on the implications of having children: the ecological and environmental consequences, feminism, politics, and philosophical disputation. She explores current issues including over-population and the environment, animal welfare, abortion and reproductive rights, politics, and anti-natalism. Brunschweiger posits women have the right to be happy and, if they choose to, feel comfortable rejecting the societal conventional pressure of having children. Our author suggests that women and their partners will have more freedom and enjoyment if they are childfree. Brunschweiger doesn’t want humanity to go extinct as some may suggest; rather, she wants the earth and its inhabitants to have an enjoyable and sustainable future.