Confessions of an Animal Rights Terrorist

by Karen Levenson


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A searing memoir of an animal rights campaigner’s effort to stop Canada’s seal hunt, while handling domestic abuse and her partner’s long-term illness.

When Karen Levenson drove to a coffee shop in November 2009, she expected to meet a whistleblower with animal cruelty evidence. Instead, two government agents interrogated her about her connection to terrorists. She had none. Her campaign to end the commercial seal hunt involved nothing illegal. Neither did her deep-dive investigation to expose the government’s commercial sealing agenda. So why was the government harassing her? And if she couldn’t save Canada’s iconic seals, whom could she save? Could she save her husband from a deadly illness? Could she save herself from an abusive marriage? And how did she—a feminist—get into this mess to begin with?

Confessions of an Animal Rights Terrorist is at once an insider’s account of the decades- long attempt to end the commercial seal hunt, and a searingly honest memoir of domestic violence, caregiving, and following one’s life purpose. Infuriating, funny, and deeply moving, Confessions of an Animal Rights Terrorist reveals the extraordinary journey of an ordinary woman who comes face to face with breathtaking cruelty and does what she can to stop it.