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LPM Social Media Rules and Policies

This document establishes the rules and policies for participating in the social media channels that officially represent Lantern Publishing & Media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and TikTok). When you view, interact, or use any content or resource available on the aforementioned channels, you are agreeing with the following terms:

1. The content published in Lantern’s social media channels has the goal to provide information about Lantern’s books and products, as well as to support Lantern’s mission of informing and inspiring new generations of global citizens to create a healthy, compassionate, and resilient world for animals and humans alike.

2. Excerpts of books and interviews from our books, authors, and collaborators represent their own views and opinions and not necessarily those of Lantern Publishing & Media and its collaborators.

3. Personal opinions are welcomed. However, the page moderators reserve the right to delete any content considered disrespectful, threatening, abusive, shameful, slandering, directed to humans and animals alike. Any content that reproduces hate speech or any sort of prejudice against race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, economic status, or in any violation of human and animal rights can also be deleted, as well as commentaries that share misinformation. Any propaganda of political or religious tone is not allowed. 

4. Any comments or information shared in Lantern’s pages by social media users are the user’s own responsibility.

5. When posting any content in any of Lantern Publishing & Media profiles or pages, you allow LPM the right to reproduce, distribute, share, publish, or exhibit such content, as well as the right to create work and content derived from it.

6. Reproducing the totality or part of the content produced and shared in LPM’s social media is allowed as long as the source is properly quoted and there are no changes made to the original content.

7. Compassion and protection to every living creature, human and non-human alike, are pillars for Lantern Publishing & Media. That way, any post or commentary in our social media pages that represent a threat to human rights or animal rights will be immediately deleted. 

8. Besides the terms mentioned above, all rules and policies of the social channel that LPM is present applies.

9. Lantern Publishing & Media does not take responsibility for websites, pages, and links that the organization does not own. Any links shared by third-party users are their sole responsibility and not of Lantern’s.

10. Lantern Publishing & Media reserves the right to change, suspend, cancel, or restrict the content of the pages without notice.

11. Any questions regarding the content shared on the page, its navigation, or access can be answered by the moderators via direct message/inbox message.