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Good News for All Creation

Vegetarianism as Christian Stewardship

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  • eBook ISBN  9781590562956
  • Publisher: Lantern Publishing & Media
  • Publication Date: April 2011

Good News for All Creation notes that plant-based diets reflect the love, compassion, and peace of Christ, and they constitute good, responsible stewardship of God’s creation. Using traditional Christian teachings, the authors make a compelling case that, if Jesus were among us today, he would choose to be vegetarian.

“If you need a biblical mandate for changing your diet, this book will meet that need. It is important to read for your own good, for the good of the world, and for God’s sake.”—Tony Campolo, professor of sociology, Eastern College, St. Davids, PA

Good News for All Creation is an effective and powerful testimony that becoming vegetarian strengthens, rather than weakens, one’s Christian beliefs and one’s personal witness of Christ’s compassion.”—Keith Akers, author of The Lost Religion of Jesus

“The authors speak with much theological integrity, passion, and common sense. Their approach to diet is moderate and balanced, mixing practical advice with a serious engagement with Scripture. This book is a generous gift to all Christians who want to explore the spiritual aspects of food.”—Stephen Webb, author of Good Eating and On God and Dogs

“Here are solid reasons why so many Christians are becoming vegetarian. The book also offers sound advice about promoting vegetarianism among Christians, as well as up-to-date nutritional information.”—Richard Alan Young, author of Is God a Vegetarian?

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