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Brooklyn Goes Home

The Rise and Fall of American Greyhound Racing and the Dog that Inspired a Movement

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  •    224 pages
  •    40 color photographs
  •    6 x 9
  •    Paperback, eBook
  • Paperback ISBN  978-1-59056-714-2
  • eBook ISBN  978-1-59056-715-9
  • Publisher: Lantern Publishing & Media
  • Publication Date: November 2023

Foreword by Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE

Afterword by Simon Parry

Nonfiction Book Awards Silver Winner 
IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award Silver Winner
Nautilus Book Awards Silver Winner 
American Book Fest Awards Finalist
Book Excellence Awards Finalist

The true story of how one greyhound sparked a movement to close the worst dog track in the world and finally found his forever home with greyhound advocates.

We once met a dog that changed the world. His name was Brooklyn. It’s hard to imagine that a spotted dog would become the inspiration for a worldwide fight; that the campaign would be successful, and that after a decade of suffering, he would come home to us. And yet it happened. In fact, the thirteen short years that Brooklyn spent on this earth would turn out to be one of the most consequential periods in history for greyhounds, and for the broader debate on non-human animal rights. The life of this one dog signaled not only the end of greyhound racing in the United States, but also the emergence of the first successful movement to outlaw an animal abuse industry that was powerful, culturally resonant, and economically significant.

This history is based on the memories and reflections of Christine Dorchak and Carey Theil and describes twenty years of working together to help greyhounds. The two of us grew up more than a decade apart, on alternate coasts, one raised very traditionally and the other quite liberally, one an animal loving “Jersey Girl” turned lawyer, the other a poet and chess master turned political strategist. This Yin and Yang turned out to be a curious balance of opposites that is perhaps the reason that the organization survived and then succeeded against very great odds.

Brooklyn Goes Home is the story of the rise and fall of commercial greyhound racing in the United States and an account of how our small non-profit emerged from to make an impact. It is also a remembrance of three glorious years spent with a magical dog. We hope that readers will find inspiration in our chronicle, and perhaps discover new paths to making positive change in the world.

Brooklyn Goes Home is about human love and compassion on the one hand and callousness and cruelty on the other. It’s also the incredible account of how two brave and committed people successfully fought against a shameless, yet powerful, industry. Christine and Carey had little more than a belief in themselves and a shared love for their greyhound Brooklyn, but their determination has paid off for thousands of other dogs in the United States and worldwide. My greyhound and I recommend you read this stunning memoir!”—Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE; Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and UN Messenger of Peace

“This book is a must-read for activists—full of gripping stories and inspiring lessons. Christine and Carey overcame personal challenges, built a movement, and got a big win for animals. They walk and talk you through how to fight for animals against powerful—and scary—exploiters. Read this book and see how a few motivated people organized and abolished a cruel entertainment.”—Jim Mason; Attorney, author of An Unnatural Order, and coauthor of The Ethics of What We Eat and Animal Factories

“If you think you cannot make a difference because you have little or no resources and face wealthy, powerful opposition, read this book. You will be inspired. This story is a testimony to the ability of intense passion, unwavering determination, and unrelenting persistence to prevail over money and power when fighting for a just cause.”—Carole Baskin; CEO of Big Cat Rescue

“Every greyhound is an individual. Each has their personality and wants and needs, fears and desires. The lucky ones are rescued, becoming beloved family members, acting as ambassadors for their kind in need of our help. Christine A. Dorchak and Carey M. Theil, founders of the US-based, anti-greyhound racing non-profit organization GREY2K USA Worldwide, tell the must-read story of one ambassador, Brooklyn. In Brooklyn Goes Home, Dorchak and Theil write about their successful international campaigns to educate the public and persuade elected representatives to end the greyhound racing industry. They also describe Brooklyn’s moving story as a rescued greyhound from her birth on a puppy farm in Australia, forced to race in China, and eventually, freedom living in their home in the USA.”—Kim Stallwood; animal rights author and independent scholar

“If you love dogs, and rare is the human who does not, you will want to read this amazing chronicle describing the successful fight to free greyhounds from the cruelty of commercial racing. Do yourself a favor and read this book!”—Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson; author of When Elephants Weep and Dogs Never Lie About Love

Brooklyn Goes Home is the heartwarming and inspirational memoir of Christine A. Dorchak and Carey M. Theil, two of the smartest and most dedicated animal advocates I have ever known. Over the last twenty years, they have worked from the ground up to close down dozens of dog tracks state by state, and now worldwide. If you want an inside look into the politics and strategy of successful grassroots campaigning, this is the book for you.”—Chris DeRose; President and founder of Last Chance for Animals, Author of In Your Face: From Actor to Animal Activist

“If you ever had any doubt that greyhound racing never should have begun, no less continued to grow as a highly abusive and heartless global bloodsport, please read this outstanding book. Brooklyn’s story, along with that of his loving humans, will move you deeply and must be shared worldwide. This outstanding book is a model for what needs to be done to end all sorts of horrific animal abuse.”—Marc Bekoff, PhD; Author of The Emotional Lives of Animals, The Animals’ Agenda, and Dogs Demystified

“Human history is built upon ordinary people doing extraordinary things, a truth we are reminded of once again in this awe-inspiring and entertaining story of the international movement to abolish greyhound racing. There was never a grassroots movement for predatory gambling on greyhounds. Instead, it was driven by the greed of commercialized gambling operators and a lust for power by some public officials from both political parties. But this book is a testimony there is unquestionably an impassioned and vibrant grassroots movement to end the cruel practice. Brooklyn’s story, coupled with the work of Christine, Carey, and their colleagues, is one that will inevitably inspire you to act to do the work and endure the sacrifices it takes to help make the world a more just, merciful, and forgiving place.”—Les Bernal; National Director of Stop Predatory Gambling

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