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Avian Influenza in NYS (and beyond): What You Need To Know

The Institute For Animal Happiness presents critical education on how to protect not only the birds in our care, but also protect wildlife and people. This version of HPAI (“Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza”) spreads easily and has already appeared in NYS. It has spread to 12 states and many countries, leading to tragedy and heartbreak: extremely large populations of birds being killed.

The following description was taken from IFAH’s website. View their events page here.

IFAH is taking an incredibly proactive stance on this issue to protect our own residents’ health as well as all avians in community. Therefore we have organized this forum to gather other experts and local rescues to learn what we can do to prevent this disease from spreading, and create a unified, stronger voice. HPAI is also another zoonotic disease (like Covid-19) but not as easily transmissible to humans. We must learn everything we can and act to save avian lives and understand what we can do to mitigate dangers posed by zoonotic disease pandemics ahead.

Come join experts and local rescue & advocacy organizations to learn:

  • Important biosecurity protocols necessary to keep birds safe
  • Get clear information about this and other zoonotic diseases
  • Understand local laws and protocol
  • Foster community, get emotional support and learn how we can mitigate risks and harm in the future.

Guest speakers will include Amy Barkley (an Avian Influenza Expert from Cornell), Rebecca Moore (IFAH founder and Vegan Voices contributor), and representatives from several animal sanctuaries.


AT 7 PM (Zoom doors will open at 6:50 PM. Please arrive before 7pm , as event will start promptly.)

Event running time: Approximately 1 hour and 35 minutes.

This event is online via Zoom & streamed via Facebook. Follow via the official “event” page at this link: https://fb.me/e/4QInWKe3H