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Pei Feng Su

Pei Feng Su founded ACTAsia, a charitable organization, in 2006 to promote kindness and compassion through educational initiatives in Asia. Her background was one of hardships: the deaths of her parents, grandmother, and other close family members by the time she was only 16, had a significant impact on her thinking and behavior, taking her on a path of self-destruction. Eventually, mainly through studying Buddhism and the influence of her Buddhist friends, she overcame many challenges and decided to travel to the UK, where she successfully completed an MA in Sociology Policy. On completing her studies, she found employment with the World Society for the Protection of Animals as Director for Member Societies, leaving after 5 years to establish ACTAsia. Pei is an international presenter at conferences and in the media, a visiting lecturer at the University of London College of Fashion and Suzhou University, in Shanghai.

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Devin Staurbringer

Devin Staurbringer is a writer and activist. He is passionate about helping animals, people, and the planet. He has been vegan for over 10 years, loves writing, photography, and nature. As well as writing, Devin is also currently posting educational and humorous vegan related videos on his Instagram. He hopes to travel the world while writing and working in activism, bringing compassion wherever he goes.

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Simon Springer

Simon Springer is Professor of Human Geography, Head of Discipline for Geography and Environmental Studies, and Director of the Centre for Urban and Regional Studies at the University of Newcastle, Australia. His research agenda explores the social and political exclusions of neoliberalism, where he emphasizes the geographies of violence and power. He cultivates a cutting-edge theoretical approach to his scholarship through a radical revival of anarchist philosophy.

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Jasmin Singer

Jasmin Singer is the author of The VegNews Guide to Being a Fabulous Vegan (Hachette Go, 2020) and Always Too Much and Never Enough: A Memoir (Berkley, 2016). She is the co-host of the long-running Our Hen House podcast, is the vice president of editorial for Kinder Beauty, and serves on the board of directors for the Newark LGBTQ Center and the advisory board for Encompass, Sentient Media, and Rancho Compasión. Learn more at jasminsinger.com.

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Kim Stallwood

Kim Stallwood is an independent scholar and author on animal rights. He is currently the European Director of Animals and Society Institute and Executive Director of Minding Animals International. His client organizations include CIWF, GREY2K USA Worldwide, and League Against Cruel Sports. He has been a vegan since 1976. He holds dual citizenship in the U.K. and U.S., and lives in Hastings, U.K. His website is www.kimstallwood.com.

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Valentina Sonzogni

Valentina Sonzogni obtained a Ph.D. at the University for Applied Arts in Vienna in the history and theory of architecture. She has worked at several institutions, including the Kiesler Foundation in Vienna and the Guggenheim Foundation in New York. A frequent lecturer and contributor to magazines and catalogs, she has since 2008 collaborated with the Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art in Turin.

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Jens Soering

Jens Soering is a German citizen who was incarcerated in 1986 before being released on parole in 2019 and returned to his native Germany. His case was featured on Court TV and A&E’s City Confidential. His work has been featured in Christianity TodayThe Christian Century, Sojourners, America, National Catholic Reporter, and The American Conservative. His book The Convict Christ: What the Gospel Says about Criminal Justice was the first place winner of the Catholic Press Association’s 2007 awards.

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Bill Sizemore

Bill Sizemore retired in 2014 after a thirty-five-year career as a reporter with the Virginian-Pilot, the state’s largest-circulation newspaper. He was a finalist for the 2007 Pulitzer Prize in explanatory reporting for a series of stories on Blackwater, the private military company, and he received more than twenty-five awards from the Virginia Press Association.

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Richard H. Schwartz

Richard H. Schwartz, Ph.D., is the author of Judaism and Vegetarianism and Judaism and Global Survival among many other books and articles. President Emeritus of Jewish Veg and president of the Society of Ethical and Religious Vegetarians, he is professor emeritus at the College of Staten Island, New York. A father, grandfather, and now great-grandfather, he has since 2016 lived with his wife in Israel.

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