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Pei Feng Su

Pei Feng Su founded ACTAsia, a charitable organization, in 2006 to promote kindness and compassion through educational initiatives in Asia. Her background was one of hardships: the deaths of her parents, grandmother, and other close family members by the time she was only 16, had a significant impact on her thinking and behavior, taking her on a path of self-destruction. Eventually, mainly through studying Buddhism and the influence of her Buddhist friends, she overcame many challenges and decided to travel to the UK, where she successfully completed an MA in Sociology Policy. On completing her studies, she found employment with the World Society for the Protection of Animals as Director for Member Societies, leaving after 5 years to establish ACTAsia. Pei is an international presenter at conferences and in the media, a visiting lecturer at the University of London College of Fashion and Suzhou University, in Shanghai.

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