Publishing and Media

Crowd-funding a Book

In 1926, T. E. Lawrence (“of Arabia”) decided to take his memoir about the Arab Revolt during World War I—Seven Pillars of Wisdom—and turn it into a slightly abridged but lavishly illustrated “subscribers’ edition,” with illustrations commissioned from some of the leading British artists of the day, including Paul Nash and Augustus John. Fearful of being seen to exploit his war-time record for personal gain, Lawrence published 200 copies at thirty guineas each, which was about a third of the cost per book. A trust was eventually set up to pay off the debt. Lawrence was no businessman!

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Publishing Truths

From Steven Piersanti, President at Berrett-Koehler comes a set of 10 Awful Truths about how to cope with the world of book publishing, whether you’re an author or not. Here are the ten truths in all their gory glory (plus seven ways you can deal with them):

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