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Liz Tyson-Griffin

Dr. Liz Tyson-Griffin is Born Free USA’s Programs Director. She has helped animals across the globe. She helped to establish the very first locally run sterilization program for street dogs in the Middle East, worked with indigenous communities in the Colombian Amazon to end the hunting of wild primates, ran a UK charity campaigning to end the exploitation of animals in circuses and zoos, and helped design a new rehabilitation complex for rescued monkeys at Ensessa Kotteh, Born Free’s sanctuary in Ethiopia. In 2018, she earned her doctorate in animal welfare law.
In 2020, Liz published Licensing Laws and Animal Welfare: The Legal Protection of Wild Animals with Palgrave MacMillan/Springer Nature. The book outlines the findings of her doctoral research, which is the most comprehensive study of the legal protection of wild animals in English zoos carried out to date.
Liz splits her time between campaigning for wild animal freedom and overseeing the running of the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary in south Texas. She lives in San Marcos, TX, with her husband Kali and three rescued dogs: Chambira, Maya, and Stanley Millett.