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Debra Maria Flint

Debra Maria Flint was born in Birmingham, UK, to an agnostic family. She converted to Catholicism at twenty-two years of age in the wake of Vatican II. She lived in Greece from her late teenage years into her early twenties and speaks and writes fluent Greek.
On her return to the UK, Debra studied theology as a mature student in Oxford. She met her late husband, Bill, at that time. They moved to Somerset after their marriage. Debra later went on to qualify as a nurse. She also obtained a bachelor of science in health, with safe-guarding children and adults as her specialism. She has postgraduate qualifications in management and investigative research.
Debra spent over twenty years safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. She managed both children’s homes and care homes and later went on to work as a social care inspector for Ofsted. She was the first Ofsted social care inspector in England to represent Ofsted in court when a company failed to have robust safeguarding practices in place. Ofsted eventually won the case.
Debra was married for twenty-nine years. Her late husband died in 2014, and she decided to follow a consecrated path within the Catholic Church. She spent six years exploring the new and restored forms of consecrated life before experiencing difficulties in 2020.
Debra’s first book, Look Back to the Future: Consecrated Women in Britain 597 AD to Date, was published in April 2021. No Place for a Woman: The Spiritual and Political Power Abuse of Women within Catholicism is her second book. Since writing this book, Debra has sadly found it necessary to leave the Roman Catholic Church and is now serving as an ordained deacon within another Christian denomination which has apostolic succession through the Old Catholic Church. Debra still considers herself to be part of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

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Anouk Frolic

Anouk Frolic is a long-time vegan animal rights activist who has used her artistic talents to be a voice for the animals. She lives in Toronto, Canada with her daughter, husband, and senior rescue cat. A graduate of OCADU (Ontario College of Art), she has been an illustrator for hire and owner of her own company, Anouk’s Ark (www.anouksark.com), where she created eco-educational games and puzzles about endangered species to ensure our beautiful planet is healthy for future generations to thrive in. This is the first children’s book Anouk has written and illustrated.

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JJ Flowers

JJ Flowers is a screenwriter, author of a number of children’s books, and (under the name of Jennifer Horsman) the author of several historical romances. She is also the author of The Spiritual and Scientific Power of Veganism. When not reading and writing, JJ Flowers enjoys spending time with her beloved family, friends and pets, teaching yoga, and healing walks.

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Mary Margaret Funk

Sr. Mary Margaret Funk is the author of Thoughts Matter (Continuum, 1997), Tools Matter (Continuum, 1999), and Lectio Matters (Continuum, 2010). She was formerly the Executive Director of Monastic Interreligious Dialogue. She lives at Our Lady of Grace Monastery in Beech Grove, Indiana.

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Bruce Friedrich

Bruce Friedrich is co-founder and executive director of the Good Food Institute. Bruce oversees GFI’s global strategy, working with directors and international managing directors to ensure that GFI is maximally effective at implementing programs that deliver mission-focused results.

Bruce is a TED Fellow, Y Combinator alum, and popular speaker on food innovation. He has penned op-eds for the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Wired, and many other publications. He has appeared on The Today Show, NBC Nightly News, CBS Evening News, TED Radio Hour, New Yorker Radio Hour, Recode Decode, the Ezra Klein Show, and a variety of programs on MSNBC, Fox News, and CNN.

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Clifton P. Flynn

Clifton P. Flynn is Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Emeritus and Distinguished Professor Emeritus at University of South Carolina Upstate (Retired). In 2001, he was awarded the New Animals & Society Course Award by the Humane Society of the United States, and in 2008, was named a Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics.

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Namulundah Florence

Namulundah Florence was born in Bungoma, Kenya, and teaches at Brooklyn College of the City University of New York. She holds a Ph.D. in education from Fordham University. Her research and teaching interests explore the impact of conceptions of self and society on education policy and practice i.e., cultural assimilation and exclusion within the academy and beyond. 

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