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Omowale Adewale

Omowale (Omo-Wah-LAY) Adewale (A-DAY-Wah-LAY) is an organizer with over 20 years of theoretical and practical application in enhancing egalitarian concepts and systems. He is the founder of Black VegFest and co-founder of Grassroots Artists MovEment (G.A.ME). Omowale is a two-time kickboxing and boxing champion in New York. Omowale served as the editor of Brotha Vegan, which discusses the struggles, triumphs, and nuances of Black vegan men. Along with Nadia Muyeeb, he is the co-owner of Liberation Farm in Sullivan County, NY. His website is omowale.org

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Melissa Armstrong

 Melissa Armstrong has been independently rescuing dogs for over fifteen years, and from 2013 to 2015 she fostered and trained thirty homeless dogs for a local nonprofit. She has an MFA in creative nonfiction and fiction from the Vermont College of Fine Arts, and writes about her experiences on her blog, The Farnival. She lives with her husband and four rescue dogs in rural Tennessee. She’s pictured here with Adriana (photo by Mason Armstrong).

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Carl J. Arico

Father Carl Arico is a founding member and the current vice president of Contemplative Outreach, Ltd., founded in 1984 to foster the process of transformation in Christ in one another through the practice of Centering Prayer. Father Arico has practiced Centering Prayer since 1975 and taught the prayer since 1978. 

Known for his humor and his ability to bridge the gap between the clergy and laity, he has traveled extensively in the United States and internationally to present workshops and direct retreats for both priests and laypeople. 

Father Arico is co-author of the book Living Our Priesthood Today (with Father Basil Pennington), and the author of A Taste of Silence, a guide to the fundamentals of Centering Prayer.

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John Anglin

Fr. John Anglin, OFM, hails from Boston and presently resides in St. Petersburg, Florida. He became a Franciscan friar in 1964 and was ordained a priest in 1971. He has wide experience in ministry, ranging from high school teacher to parish priest. He also served as a director for the formation of young Franciscans and as a missionary in Bolivia. For almost three decades, he has been an itinerant preacher, traveling widely to preach the Gospel in both English and Spanish in nearly 400 parishes in the United States and Canada. His website is: http://frjohnsblog.blogspot.com

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Keith Akers

Keith Akers is the author of A Vegetarian Sourcebook: The Nutrition, Ecology, and Ethics of a Natural Foods Diet. He has been involved with various vegetarian groups for over a quarter of a century, and currently runs the group Denver Vegans. He lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife, author Kate Lawrence. His website is https://www.compassionatespirit.com

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Carol J. Adams

Carol J. Adams is a feminist-vegan advocate, activist, and independent scholar and the author of numerous books including her pathbreaking The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory, now in a Bloomsbury Revelations edition celebrating its 30th anniversary. It has been translated into German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Portuguese, Spanish, and French. She is the co-editor of several important anthologies, including most recently Ecofeminism: Feminist Intersections with Other Animals and the Earth (with Lori Gruen). The Carol J. Adams Reader: Writings and Conversations 1995-2015 appeared in the fall of 2016.

Her writings are the subject of two recent anthologies, Defiant Daughters: 21 Women of Art, Activism, Animals, and The Sexual Politics of Meat and The Art of the Animal: 14 Women Artists Explore The Sexual Politics of Meat, in which a new generation of feminists, artists, and activists respond to Adams’ groundbreaking work.

She has a Masters of Divinity from Yale University. In the 1970s, she and her spouse, the Rev. Bruce Buchanan started a Hotline for Battered Women in upstate New York. She is the author of Woman-Battering (1995) in Fortress Press’s Creative Pastoral Care and Counseling Series. With Marie Fortune, she edited Violence Against Women and Children: A Christian Theological Sourcebook (1995). She is the author of the training manual, Pastoral Care for Domestic Violence:  Case Studies for Clergy – for Christian Audiences – Training Manual (2007) published by the FaithTrust Institute. She wrote one of the earliest articles theorizing why batterers harm animals, “Woman-Battering and Harm to Animals” (in The Carol J. Adams Reader).

Carol is also the author of books on living as a vegan, including Never Too Late to Go Vegan: The Over-50 Guide to Adopting and Thriving on a Vegan Diet (with Patti Breitman and Virginia Messina), Living Among Meat Eaters: The Vegetarian’s Survival GuideHow to Eat Like a Vegetarian Even if You Never Want to Be One. Her most recent book is Even Vegans Die: A Practical Guide to Caregiving, Acceptance, and Protecting Your Legacy of Compassion, with co-authors Patti Breitman, and Virginia Messina.

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