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Blessings of the Animals

Blessings of the Animals

Celebrating Our Kindship with All Creation

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  •    176 pages
  •    5 x 8
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  • Paperback ISBN  978-1-59056-409-7
  • eBook ISBN  978-1-59056-364-9
  • Publisher: Lantern Publishing & Media
  • Publication Date: November 2012

Come into the Cathedral of the Earth to worship and to…

  • find out how “swarm intelligence” is creating smarter phone systems inspired by the creativity and collective wisdom of the common ant;
  • discover what happens when a visionary artist travels to Africa to bury the portraits of 23 primates who died in a Philadelphia zoo;
  • ponder how cultures as diverse as the Cherokee, Chinese, Egyptians, and ancient Hindus identified the night’s brightest star with a canine spirit guide;
  • explore how meditation practice helps a Buddhist beekeeper fend off a disease that threatens most of the world’s honeybees.

These true stories and many more will make you laugh, weep, and marvel at the amazing creatures who share our planet, from the earthworm to the elephant, all in Blessings of the Animals.

Gary Kowalski writes: “The word bless is related to our English word bliss, and both share a root with blithe, meaning merry, upbeat, cheerful, or exuberant. Don’t animals teach us about blessing, about joy? Not one is worried about the stock market. Not one is keen on governing the Animal Kingdom. None carries a passport or immigration papers because they don’t live in a state like Arizona or Texas that cares about such things. Animals live in a state of bliss.

“As a parish minister, I’ve conducted dozens of interspecies galas over the years that are invariably a barking good time for all participants. Blessings of the Animals grows out of these celebrations. In this volume, you’ll learn about Worm Charmers and Dog Chapels (stories that will make you smile). You’ll also encounter avian heroes like the flock of swans who save a frozen goose, as well as human exemplars—from the ancient philosopher Diogenes to modern biologists like Rachel Carson—who turned to nature to find wisdom for the journey.

“My hope is that Blessings of the Animals will add a grace note to your day, just as animals enrich our lives and make our our world whole.” 

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