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An Illustrated Guide to Tactical Diagramming

An Illustrated Guide to Tactical Diagramming

How to Determine Floor Plans from Outside Architectural Features

  •    25.00 paperback
  •    220 pages
  •    Line Drawings Throughout
  •    7 x 9
  •    Paperback
  • Paperback ISBN  978-1-59056-238-3
  • Publisher: Lantern Publishing & Media
  • Publication Date: July 2011

This book is not about construction, although you will learn about building codes and practices. It is not about tactics, although the information gained by knowing a floor plan will undoubtedly affect them. Instead, this book is designed to provide a quick and simple method of confidently determining floor plans by using outside architectural features.

Using this essential tool for quick and clear comprehension of tactical diagramming, even a novice tactical planner will learn to use windows, doors, vents and other clues to confidently determine interior features. After reading this book, it will be clear that the proverbial “glass house” is in the mind’s eye!

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